Rod Gallagher
Financial Broker, President
Gallagher Financial

A little about me

I have been helping families and individuals in the London area plan their financial future since 2004. From investment planning to ensuring you have adequate insurance coverage, I treat each client’s financial situation uniquely. I often hear people say that they don’t have the funds they need to secure their financial future, but I believe that with proper financial coaching, a little discipline, and planning, anyone can achieve their financial goals and improve their quality of life.

Over the past 10 years I have built strong relationships with the top companies in the industry so I always have my eye on new product developments and changes in market conditions; this has proven invaluable in the management of my clients’ portfolios. I provide my clients with tried and true methods for getting ahead financially.

My interests and connections reach far beyond the financial world and I take pride in connecting my clients to the people and professionals who can help them best. I am one of the founders and past Presidents of the Forest City Network Referral Group (NRG) and as such, I surround myself with a close network of business professionals.

I’m a strong believer in giving back to my community. I am the President of my condominium board and a member of the Hyde Park Lions Club. I also enjoy participating in a number of sports leagues, including tennis, softball, ultimate Frisbee, and beach volleyball.

My contact info

Tel: 1-800-265-3299 x6-3
Mob: 519-619-3241

Suite 1402-148 Fullarton St
London, ON
N6A 5P3

My specialties

  • Investment planning
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Education savings
  • Critical illness insurance
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A new life is in your hands. And with that life comes immense love and caring and endless adventure. It’s truly a wonderful experience.

Becoming a parent also brings great responsibility. That’s why so many people purchase life insurance when they have a baby.  After all, it’s said the number one reason to choose life insurance is when someone depends on you for financial support. And what can be more important when that “someone” is your own child?

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