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Being a parent is life-changing in the best way

A new life is in your hands. And with that life comes immense love and caring and endless adventure. It’s truly a wonderful experience.

Becoming a parent also brings great responsibility. That’s why so many people purchase life insurance when they have a baby. After all, it’s said the number one reason to choose life insurance is when someone depends on you for financial support. And what can be more important when that “someone” is your own child? [ more... ]

Protect your business, protect your family​​

Each business may be unique, but there’s one thing all business owners have in common – the need to protect their business against risk. And protection is important whether you’re starting out or running a well-established business. [ more... ]

When it comes to insurance, one size does not fit all​

Protecting your family’s future is one of your key responsibilities. For most families, that means choosing life insurance. But life insurance is not something to purchase just any place, where you may end up with a one-size-fits-all product. You need a customized solution designed just for your family. [ more... ]

Protecting your family doesn’t have to be complicated​

Have you been putting off writing your will or buying life insurance because you think it’s complicated? You’ll be relieved to know tha​t it doesn’t have to be. [ more... ]

New to Canada? Protect the future of your loved ones

This may be the busiest time of your life – there’s so much to do when you move to a new country. Finding a place to live. Opening a Canadian bank account. Getting a Social Insurance Number and a provincial health insurance card. Registering your kids at school. Getting a new driver’s licence, a car, auto insurance. And everything else. It’s like starting all over again! [ more... ]

4 things you need to know about life insurance

If you feel mystified and somewhat confused about the topic of life insurance, you’re not alone. To help take the mystery out of the topic, here are the answers to four essential life insurance questions. [ more... ]

3 key insurance factors for blended families

The 2011 Canadian census revealed nearly half a million blended or “step” families (made up of married or common-law couples with children from previous unions) in Canada.1 If you’re among them, remember to review your protection needs. [ more... ]

Protect what you've built

As a business owner, professional, contract worker or any other one of Canada's 2.7 million self-employed workers,1 you have probably invested many hours and invest significant resources in your enterprise, particularly during its early years of growth. As your successes accumulate, life insurance can help you protect what you've gained as well as protect you and your family. [ more... ]

Love your rural lifestyle? Protect it with life insurance

Whether you run a farm that's been in your family for generations or have only recently begun to set down roots in the countryside, chances are you appreciate the differences from city living: cleaner air, more space, less crime, less noise. Here's how insurance can help protect the lifestyle you love and preserve it for your children. [ more... ]

Discover how life insurance can help you equalize your estate

Keeping a vacation property or business in the family after you pass on has numerous potential benefits. If you leave your vacation property to a child, other family members such as brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews may continue visiting it, which can help maintain and strengthen family bonds. [ more... ]

How to insure your children's education

If you are a parent, you may already be saving for your children's education, possibly through a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). But what if the worst happens and you aren't there to make the contributions? Life insurance protection helps to ensure that your children's education costs can be covered, even if something should happen to you or your spouse. [ more... ]

Trouble saving? Start paying yourself first!

You've probably read about it yourself. Frightened by the financial crisis, just as they were beginning to prepare for retirement, many Canadians are now paying increasing attention to their savings. But not all are succeeding as well as they would like. Using solutions, such as universal life insurance, increases your chances of funding your post-working years and also gives you the comfort of knowing that you will have something to give to your heirs. [ more... ]

Is your group life insurance enough?

The group life and health insurance you have through your employer is a valuable part of your benefits package. But how much do you know about it? Does it really offer the level of financial security you want your family to have? [ more... ]

Protecting your family may be more economical than you imagine

If you have children, you need life insurance. That applies whether you earn income or stay at home to raise the kids. But many Canadians with families don’t have life insurance – or have minimal coverage from their group plan at work. [ more... ]

Is mortgage life insurance your best choice?

You’re completing mortgage papers or renewing your mortgage with your bank or other lending institution. The mortgage representative offers you life insurance on the mortgage. Should you say yes? [ more... ]

Safeguard all that you've achieved

When you have a family, it’s natural to associate many of your accomplishments with the quality of life you help provide for them. The family home you cherish. Vacations you’ll remember always. The future you are building through regular investments for your children's education and your retirement. But what would happen to all that if you were to pass away? [ more... ]

The four keys to financial security

While the world of financial planning may seem complex, the path to success often lies in just four key areas. [ more... ]

The 80’s were fun…but you’re all grown up now

As a member of Generation X, you were born between 1965 and 1980. It was a great time to be young. Perhaps you had a garage band or maybe you flash danced your way through every weekend at clubs. But that was then. You’ve since traded in your grunge gear for a designer suit…or at least clothes without holes and pins. Now you have a respectable job and a family and with both of these comes responsibility. [ more... ]

Protect your family’s financial security by creating an instant estate

Year in, year out, your family depends on you to make ends meet. How would they cope financially if you passed away unexpectedly? Where would the money come from? Unless you have a large amount of savings that your spouse could access immediately, your family could face serious hardship. [ more... ]

Live healthy, feel better – and pay less for insurance

There are a lot of theories out there about what it means to live healthy, from joining the gym to eating organic foods. Here’s a perspective you may not have considered – the logical perspective from actuaries at insurance companies who study longevity and life expectancy. [ more... ]

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