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Working with a Convergis Advisor

Convergis is about "achieving more together" by bringing together people, processes, systems and tools to ensure that its Advisors are working at a high level to provide you with the support and advice you need. In fact, the name Convergis is derived from the word convergence or coming together.

Sharing knowledge and best practices

Your advisor works within the Convergis Advisor community and benefits from the input, experience and collaboration of others. This means that you, as a client, will benefit from this knowledge sharing and best practices.


On-going Training and Development

As a client of a Convergis Advisor, you can be assured that your Advisor is well trained and well prepared to work with you to establish a financial plan that will work for you for years to come.

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1. Licensing and Certification

First, your Advisor has passed exams and has been licensed by provincial regulatory bodies. The licensing requirements also require continuing education and your Advisor may have taken other courses to enable him/her to provide you with more specialized services. If you have question about the licensing requirements, you may want to refer to the Canadian Health and Life Insurance Association (CLHIA) website.

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2. Contracting

Next, your Advisor has been contracted through ivari.

This contracting process includes additional screening and validation of credentials. The advisor is trained on various product solutions. 

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3. Convergis Development

Your Convergis Advisor is provided with additional, on-going learning and development tools and support, including a designated Business Coach.
The Business Coach helps your Advisor develop and refine skills, as well as design a customized development plan for maintaining a high level of industry knowledge. Convergis Advisors believe in accountability.
In general terms, Convergis helps Advisors by providing them with structure and support to enable them to deliver on their commitments.​

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Sponsored by ivari

Although ivari, has been actively involved in developing Convergis, Convergis Advisors are not required to only sell ivari products. Convergis Advisors will present options to you that are best suited to meet your needs and requirements.

ivari believes that Advisors will benefit from the structure and support that Convergis provides to help them grow their business and to enable them to help you succeed in your financial plans.​​​​

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