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Discover how life insurance can help you equalize your estate
Discover how life insurance can help you equalize your estate

​Keeping a vacation property or business in the family after you pass on has numerous potential benefits. If you leave your vacation property to a child, other family members such as brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews may continue visiting it, which can help maintain and strengthen family bonds.

If you transfer your business to one of your kids, it will often maintain far more intangible goodwill, than if it were sold. It may also provide employment for future generations.

The difficulty is that vacation homes, family businesses, works of art and other valuable assets are not easy to divide, unless you are willing to have them sold. If you want to pass the asset to a child or grandchild, that may not be an option you are willing to consider.

How can you leave the asset to the beneficiary of your choice and still provide for your other beneficiaries?

Life insurance can provide an easy, cost-effective solution. With an effective life insurance strategy, you can leave the asset to one child and leave a monetary gift for other beneficiaries with the proceeds from a policy.

We can help you project what your assets might be worth 10, 20, 30 or more years from now, based on a projected growth rate. If they appreciate more (or less) than expected, your life coverage can be adjusted to keep pace.*

Both term and permanent life insurance can be used as part of an estate-equalization strategy.

*Subject to underwriting requirements and plan minimums.​​​

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